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Focus is on Understanding, Dignity and Compassion at Atrium Post Acute Care and Senior Living of Princeton

March 26, 2019 | Blog

Princeton, NJ (March 26, 2019) — Atrium Health & Senior Living prides itself on its “person-first” philosophy, and delivering compassionate, dignified care to their residents and patients is a top priority.  Communicating to and understanding individuals as they transition from the hospital to home or need additional medical care is critical to providing effective care. Atrium has devised and implemented several strategies to optimize their resident and patient’s needs with proven clinical capabilities and therapeutic programs to maximize dignity and aide in their daily lives.

Caralee Dill, Executive Director at Atrium Senior Living of Princeton, comments, “The safety, health, and well-being of our residents is our most important concern. We take extra measures to provide our residents with the most compassionate, professional care and to ensure that they live with dignity. To that end, we strive to remain current on the most engaging programs and innovative technology to ensure that our residents are happy, and our team receives ongoing, specialized training.”

Christiana Enworom, Administrator at Atrium Post Acute Care of Princeton, comments, “Our patients each have their own unique vulnerabilities, so we take extra measures to provide them with the most personalized, compassionate, professional care and to ensure that they experience their rehabilitation with dignity. We work hard to remain current on the latest research in the field to make sure our personnel receive valuable training. Most importantly, though, our patients depend on our positive attitudes and it is important for them to feel that enthusiasm.”

Instilling a sense of acceptance, community, and belonging in a positive environment is crucial for adults with cognitive illness or common respiratory diseases, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) which can make it difficult for patients to breathe, making everyday activities much more frustrating to complete and can cause patients to feel left behind by those surrounding him/her. Understanding the importance for residents and patients to feel like themselves and knowing all that exercise, therapy and routine can do for people, Atrium Health provides care and rehabilitation designed to move the body and inspire the spirit. For some patients and residents, that includes light exercise guided by professionals including stretching, walking, and resistance training to their favorite music as well as therapy using state of the art technologies and equipment. This helps to not only alleviate symptoms of respiratory diseases, it also increases the individual’s energy levels and self-esteem. Learning to manage these conditions in a way that truly connects to our patients can prevent the isolation and loss of dignity that comes with an inability to keep up once home. Protocol for those with dementia was created to ensure a dignified dining experience by serving food that is already cut in bite sized pieces or can be easily and politely eaten by hand. In terms of dressing themselves, reducing the number of selections in the wardrobe helps people avoid an abundance of choices, which can be overwhelming. Removing items with complicated buttons and zippers, and providing loose-fitting, comfortable clothing enables them to continue dressing themselves for as long as possible, thus maximizing their independence and dignity.

Atrium Post Acute Care of Princeton is located at 5000 Windrow Drive, Princeton, NJ 08540. For more information, call (609) 987-1221. Atrium Senior Living of Princeton is located at 1000 Windrow Drive, Princeton, NJ 08540 and can be reached at (609) 514-9111.

About Atrium Health & Senior Living:

Atrium Health & Senior Living is above all a family, helping seniors at every stage of life lead more comfortable, fulfilling, independent lives. We enhance the lives of our residents and patients through our unwavering dedication to supporting every stage of senior life. Knowing one size never fits all when it comes to care plans, we respect every person’s individuality, and tailor care to their needs.

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