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Five Ways to Position Yourself for Promotion

May 9, 2018 | Blog

Every employee wants to climb the ranks and grow professionally within the company that they work for. In fact, according to CNN, the number one reason for employee dissatisfaction is “few or little opportunity for advancement.” However, there are proven reasons why certain individuals are the ones that get chosen for promotion over others. By making simple changes to your work ethic and the way you convey yourself professionally, you can begin to appear as a much more viable candidate for promotion.

Demonstrate a Clear Sense of Leadership

A worker who needs to be told what to do constantly is not someone that managers look at to give more responsibilities to. In order to be viewed as someone who will take charge when other opportunities arise, you need to take initiative in your current position. When listing the top reasons why people get promoted, Forbes noted that, “You don’t become a leader by being promoted. You get promoted because you are a leader.” By demonstrating a clear understanding of the company goals and approaching problems in a style similar to how a management position would, you will prove that you are the right person to fill the vacancy within your company.

The Best Employees Know How to Handle Feedback

It’s very simple to let your ego get the best of you when you receive constructive criticism from your superior. As much as it just seems like workplace politics, the ability to take feedback and apply it to your work is an extremely attractive quality to employers. In fact, when listing the top seven reasons why you might not get a promotion, The Muse listed poor ability to handle feedback at number three.

Avoid the Temptation to Brown Nose

As much as you think that cozying up to your boss is going to help you further your career, it’s actually hindering it. The negative implications of being the office brown nose can be dire for your career development within that company. According to an article by ToughNickle, “Brown-nosers give off the impression they’re trying to compensate for something and that air of desperation and self-doubt does not bode well for a promotion. It also puts you in a position of subservience, which is never how you want to be perceived if you’re aiming for higher positions.” Don’t be afraid to be complimentary and portray a generally positive attitude as those are good qualities to have as an employee but be careful not to overdo it.

Build a Strong Network within Your Company

Popularity doesn’t stop being important in high school. The employees that are most likely to be promoted are the ones that are generally well-received around the office. Forbes notes that people who get promoted “understand the importance of establishing connections with peers, leaders, employees, and thought-leaders outside the organization. And they understand that strong relationships come from giving, not asking.” If you are looking into a bigger position within the company you work for, it would be a wise choice to begin circling around the office and building the framework of a strong relationship among your peers.

Confidence is the Key to that Corner Office

People want to get behind someone who exudes a sense of confidence in their work. A confident individual doesn’t feel the urge to brown nose and demonstrates a sense of leadership while understanding that they aren’t always going to be right. Our Talent Acquisition Coordinator, Diondra Simmons, chimed in on this by saying, “When employers are looking to fill a position, a prospective employee’s qualification level is judged from the very first communication. From there, it is vital to continue to portray an unwavering level of confidence in your capabilities and the relationships that you develop. Confidence is an impressive quality that an employee can demonstrate.”

At Spring Hills Senior Communities, our primary objective is to cultivate growth from within. When we’re looking to fill a senior position, we look to people internally. For more information on this aspect of our company culture, click here.

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