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Five Ways That New Years Resolutions Help Combat Holiday Blues

December 26, 2017 | Blog

How to Combat Senior Depression

You’re never too old to set goals for your personal development, and what better time of the year to do it than with the new year right around the corner? This time of year is designated to fresh starts and second (or maybe third or fourth) chances for yourself. Here are some ways to avoid finding yourself giving up on your goals by the middle of January.

Be Realistic

Set goals that are grounded in reality. According to Entrepreneur, setting smaller, more attainable goals that you can achieve is a much more practical strategy than the traditional attitude people have where they blindly aim for the stars. Reaching these smaller, more realistic goals will make you feel much better than inevitably not reaching your impossible ones. This sensitive time of the year is no time for you to set yourself up for disappointment.

Have the Right Attitude

You know what they say about self-fulfilling prophecies. If you go into something with a negative attitude and convince yourself that you will fail before you even try, the odds are much higher that you will wind up failing. However, if you approach your goals with a can-do attitude and believe in yourself, you are much more likely to succeed in meeting them. Setting these resolutions with a positive attitude is great practice for getting out of the post-holiday funk that many find themselves in around this time of year. Emily Gardner, Director of Recreational Services in Spring Hills Middletown, has seen how far a positive attitude can go for residents firsthand, “We love to remind our residents that it is never too late in life to set goals for yourself. Promoting a positive attitude that encourages residents to look towards an optimistic future is so important, especially during this time of the year.”

Interaction Opportunities for Seniors

Encourage Your Friends to Participate

Whether it’s working out, eating healthier, getting more involved or anything else of that nature, it’s always easier to stick to the plan when you have a friend out there in the battlefield with you. By convincing your friends to join you on your resolution, you are guaranteeing yourself a support system for those days when you really want to call it quits. You are also promising to be that support system for someone else, which will make it even tougher to just give up and leave them out there alone. Spending time with your friends is also a proven method to help alleviate symptoms of depression and loneliness.

Make It a Fun Experience

The more fun you’re able to have with your resolutions; the easier it will be to reach them. If you’re trying to eat healthier, look up some fun meals that you can still enjoy the taste of while reaping the health benefits. If you’re looking to exercise more, do some research on fun, more manageable alternatives to lifting weights and walking on a treadmill. There is always a way to make any experience into a more positive one and making resolutions for the New Year is no exception. Turning your resolutions into a way to have some fun is another great way that setting resolutions can help combat holiday depression as well.

Don’t Be Afraid to Fail

Even if you follow all of these tips and still fall short, don’t beat yourself up. The process of self-discovery and willingness to acknowledge that there are areas you may need improvement on is a victory in its own right. Remember, personal development doesn’t have to be limited to the New Year. The holiday times are constantly surrounded by feelings of such great pressure, so setting your resolutions refusing to be afraid of failure will help to relieve those feelings of pressure from your mind, body, and spirit.

In conclusion, no matter how big or small your resolutions are, Spring Hills Senior Communities wishes you all the best in meeting them. Whether you’re 16, 35, or 85, it’s never a bad time to set personal goals to improve yourself.

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