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Five Reasons Employees Should be Encouraged to Conduct Self-Evaluations

December 11, 2019 | Blog

Today’s employee wants to take charge of their own career. Some people take to entrepreneurial opportunities. Others will do freelance or part-time gigs on the side for career development. There is an overwhelming feeling of dissatisfaction younger people have towards their jobs, so it’s no wonder that as many as 60% of millennial employees remain open to new job opportunities while currently employed. A good way to keep workers engaged at their current role is to offer self-evaluation opportunities for their annual or bi-annual reviews. This allows them to take control of the conversation and creates a more open discussion, as opposed to a one-sided one.

According to TheBalanceCareers, “Employee self-evaluation is one of the best methods to engage employees in the process of looking at performance and setting both job and career goals.” Let’s discuss five reasons why we agree with that sentiment.

It places the control of a performance review into the hands of the employee. This allows them to create their own evaluation and offers a great opportunity for internal reflection and criticism.

It allows them to create a set of tangible goals for themselves. It’s no secret that you are more likely to accomplish something if you are the one who is deciding that you need to accomplish it. Writing down those goals serves to give the employee an even better chance to meet their goals.

It creates a true sense of engagement. If you want your employees to be engaged in the work they do, you have to create an environment where they are able to feel a sense of ownership of their own career. Self-evaluations are a great tool to help facilitate that feeling.

It allows conversation to flow more organically. One-sided conversations will never do anyone any good and will only serve to waste the time of both parties. To quote Abdul Sami Wajid, “One sided conversation shows ego and carelessness. So it’s better to distance from those.”

It helps create a sense of self expectations. When you hold yourself to a certain standard, you are much more likely to act on those expectations than if someone else holds you to them. EliteDaily notes that, “One way to ensure you are making the most progress possible on your journey to success is by holding yourself to a higher standard.”

At Spring Hills Senior Communities, we are proud to offer a work environment where quality is enhanced, diversity is valued, and personal and professional ethics are recognized. As such, we offer a variety of self-evaluation opportunities for our employees to conduct prior to their performance review to allow them to grow as professionals. To learn more about a career with us, click here.

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