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Five Benefits of Employee Training & Development Opportunities

October 10, 2018 | Blog

It is essential for businesses to provide training and development opportunities to their associates. By doing so, employers are investing time and money into their employees anticipating an increase in employee innovation, performance, productivity and consistency, while enhancing their businesses reputation and profile. Training and development programs can be a valuable investment for the business and employees. Here are five benefits of employee training and development opportunities.

Attract Highly Skilled Employees:

When businesses incorporate training and development opportunities for their employees, it not only makes the business more attractive but it can also attract high quality prospects. When prospects begin looking for jobs, they often seek after companies that offer employee benefit packages. The salary and benefits are very important; however, employees who are looking to enhance their skills may also consider siding with a business that offers tuition reimbursement. Providing these resources for current and future employees can be a determining factor in whether or not a high quality employee comes on-board with your company.

Employee Satisfaction:

Making sure that employees feel satisfied with their roles can be very beneficial to the organization. Training and development opportunities allow employees to acquire the necessary skills to conduct their job duties efficiently. Having access to these training opportunities allows employees to develop in a way that gives them an advantage over those in other companies who are left to find such opportunities elsewhere. According to Hearst Newspapers, “Employees who feel appreciated and challenged through training opportunities may feel more satisfaction toward their jobs.” Previously mentioned, training and development opportunities can be a worthwhile investment that shows the employee they are treasured.

Reduce Employee Turnover:

An employee that feels appreciated is less likely to change employers. Retention of an employee is very important to businesses because of how efficient it is to retain a highly skilled employee as opposed to being forced to hire and train a replacement. The cost to replace an employee overthrows the cost to provide training and development opportunities to an existing member of the organization. The Society for Human Resource Management explains the key reasons to reduce turnover, “Turnover is costly. Unwanted turnover affects the performance of an organization. Turnover costs can have a significant negative impact on a company’s performance.”

Development of Skills:

An increase in job knowledge and skills of employees are an invaluable benefit of training and development. It also helps increase productivity and improves the performance of employees. The Berkley University of California explains that employee development should follow the 70-20-10 rule, “10% of your development should come from training, 20% of your development should come from interactions with others and 70% of your development should come from on-the-job activities and action learning.”

Increases Reputation:

When referring a job to a colleague or friend, many employees mention a job that cared enough to provide training throughout the duration of the job. Having a good reputation as an employer assists with how employees and customers perceive the business. Training and developing good employees will provide them with the necessary skills to keep customers happy. Maintaining a robust and effective training program can make your company the best choice for employment.

At Spring Hills Senior Communities, we understand that the healthcare industry requires our staff to have substantial skills and ongoing training opportunities. We offer training and development programs to all of our associates to ensure that we are providing unparalleled care and meet the needs of every individual. Our Director of Program Development & Training, Rachel Helfand, explains, “Ongoing training and development of our employees is the reason why our company is so successful. Our training programs engage and support our associates with the tools to become highly qualified and skilled to provide quality care for our seniors.” For more information about our company culture, contact us. 

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