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Feeling Safe at Work During COVID-19

December 2, 2020 | Blog, COVID-19, Videos

It’s our responsibility at Spring Hills to provide you with a safe and healthy workplace. Unsafe work environments can cause serious physical and mental health complications for associates. It’s important that you feel safe at work – both physically and mentally, especially when working in healthcare.

Health and safety laws differ across states, especially right now in the midst of COVID-19, but every associate has the right to a healthy and safe work environment. We strive to provide this to all of our associates at every level and position.

Feeling Safe

People who feel accepted and safe in the workplace are happier and more productive. Teamwork requires trust, and when people feel threatened, unsafe or unhappy that trust begins to dwindle. If you get along with your coworkers, if you feel that people around you care about you and that your work is appreciated and the company you work for is working tirelessly to support you, trust can be established. This trust leads to feeling safe, even in times of uncertainty.

Asian woman using alcohol gel hand sanitizer wash hand before open laptop for protect coronavirus. Female push alcohol to clean for hygiene when social distancing stay at home and self quarantine time

Spring Hills & COVID-19 in The Beginning

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a number of new challenges, especially when it comes to providing all of the necessary guidance and training to our associates. Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have worked tirelessly to protect their health and well-being in times of great uncertainty. As more was learned, we adapted quickly to provide resources, personal protective equipment and the right cleaning products to help mitigate the spread of the virus. We implemented best practices and provided resources to help the teams create safer environments. By creating a plan for a safer workplace, we reduced the risks connected to COVID-19, including exposure and transmission.

Spring Hills & COVID-19 Now

The fear and anxiety that come with being an essential worker during the COVID-19 pandemic is quite the feat to overcome. However, we have found that our associates are much more confident in coming to work than they were at the onset of the virus, they have been bravely and selflessly reporting to work each and every day. In speaking with our associates, the consistent response has been that they feel confident that they have the support from their teams, the proper equipment and the proper training to best provide for and treat our residents.

With many new guidelines in place and deeper understanding of the virus, we have every resource needed and available for our associates. From revising procedures and guidelines for outbreaks to educating and training our associates, we work tirelessly to keep our Healthcare Heroes safe and healthy.

Supporting our associates for us goes beyond just keeping a clean community or center, it is being there to answer questions, supporting them when the uncontrollable happens and listening to them when they have concerns. Our associates are what make Spring Hills such a great place and making them feel safe even when there is so much uncertainty, is our ultimate goal.


At Spring Hills Senior Communities, we are proud to continue to serve you through the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic. To learn more, contact your local community.

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