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Easy Exercises for Seniors to Increase Health & Wellness

June 2, 2017 | Blog

Exercise is the key to staying fit and independent, especially as we age. Feeling a little intimidated by the prospect of daily exercise is understandable; physical limitations and the fear of injury are common, normal concerns, especially if we are not as mobile as we used to be. Thankfully, adult assisted living communities such as Spring Hills, offer senior-friendly fitness classes and tailored exercise programs to fit the needs of residents and home care recipients alike.

The Importance of Physical Activity for Seniors

Exercise Programs for the ElderlyRegular exercise helps to prevent numerous health concerns that assisted living and home care seniors face, such as heart disease and diabetes. Additionally, it supports continued mobility by improving body strength, flexibility, and balance. Our caregivers have even witnessed reduced arthritis pain, as well as lowered blood pressure.

The mental and emotional benefits of exercise are also important. When exercising, endorphins are released; these elevate mood and promote confidence, crucial for maintaining happiness and independence among senior citizens. Light daily exercise also aids in achieving deep and restful sleep, a common concern for memory care seniors.

Easy Assisted Living Exercise Programs For Seniors

Despite what so many believe, there are a variety of exercises available tailored to the capabilities of seniors, designed to support both balance and strength. When participating in a fitness class at one of our facilities, exercise also becomes an excellent avenue to stay social and connected with others. Both Spring Hills residents and home care recipients can participate in our variety of exercise opportunities, including:

Personalized Exercise Programs Courtesy of Spring Hills

The Spring Hills approach to wellness is holistic, which is why we are proud to offer assistance in establishing an enjoyable and easy exercise routine for our seniors. This not only helps the members of our community maintain physical health, but also improve their overall quality of life while maintaining a sense of independence.

Introduce your loved one to the easy exercise programs of Spring Hills by contacting us today. We would be happy to walk you through our ongoing Signature Programs.

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