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Defining Quality Care

July 15, 2019 | Blog

Quality care means each individual should receive the best possible health care available every time services are needed. Unfortunately, most health care facilities built in the 20th century were not designed for quality care for patients and comfort for family members. However, this is starting to change as the healthcare industry moves in the direction of patient-centered quality care. Nowadays, healthcare providers are starting to offer quality care programs that improve health and reduces the effects and incidence of chronic disease in seniors. Determining what health care provider to choose based on their quality of care can be difficult. Here is what you should look for when defining quality care.


It’s true that family members and patients both know quality care when they see and experience it. When it comes to providing thorough, compassionate care, it’s important to incorporate sound values into impactful practices. All healthcare providers should create a positive, consistent experience focused on patient care at all times. The patient’s values and beliefs should be incorporated into the care planning and should be involved in the decisions made for their care. The main goal of patient-centered care is to enhance the patients’ health instead of the entire populations’ health. Here are some of the benefits that both healthcare providers and clients can expect when focused on a patient-centered approach:

  • Improved Satisfaction of patients and heir family members.
  • More productivity between staff and clients.
  • Reduced expenses throughout the continuum of care.

Safe and Secure

With all the risks that the aging population is susceptible to, it is paramount to cover all bases when it comes to safety in senior care. There are a variety of family engagement and nurse call systems that are available nowadays. These programs promote a safe environment that eliminates any guesswork from caring for residents. Healthcare providers should take the safety and security of patients very seriously as it is one of the ways to provide quality care. By implementing new and innovative technologies and creating a team environment among caregivers, will ensure that each and every patient receives the best possible health care available.

Effective and Efficient

As stated above, implementing new and innovative technology can help in the process of providing quality care for your patients or loved ones. Being effective plays a role in defining quality care by having services based on scientific knowledge and best practices, which will provide patients with evidence on how specific programs will help them. In addition, efficiency reduces wasted time, supplies and equipment that can inreturn maximize the quality of healthcare delivery. Healthcare providers who recognize and implement innovative technology to deliver better care to patients are invested in the future of the quality care of your loved one.



Value-Based Care (VBC) is a delivery model that rewards providers for improving the health of their patients and it reduces the effects and incidence of chronic disease. It is focused on a team-oriented approach to patient care and sharing of patient data so that care is coordinated, and outcomes can be easily measured. This is new in the healthcare industry as care has typically been set up on a fee for service basis which is how providers are paid based on the number of healthcare services they deliver. According to the NEJM Catalyst this delivery system benefits, “extends to patients, providers, payers, suppliers, and society as a whole.”

Looking for a healthcare provider that will provide the best possible health care available every time services are needed? Here at Spring Hills Senior Communities, we do it all. We provide a holistic approach, 24-hour nursing care, and truly diverse programs that engage the body, intrigue the mind and inspire the spirit while keeping the quality of care and services at the highest priority than the actual dollar amount that it will cost to receive those services. Also, consider taking a look at how consumers reviewed your local healthcare agencies on the internet or go to The Agency for Health Care Research and Quality. For more information about our services, contact us.

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