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Cultivating Growth in the Workplace

September 11, 2019 | Blog

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Cultivating growth by promoting from within benefits everyone because it not only provides employees opportunities, but it also shows that the company is creating opportunities available for their associates, making the company an ideal place to work at. Businesses that implement continued education, as well as training and development programs will encourage employees to stay by keeping your company interesting and attractive. There are many ways to increase retention rates within your department, company or business.

It’s human nature to want to grow, we’ve been doing it for as long as we can remember. As we age, our physical growth slows down but, the desire to enhance and develop ourselves should never diminish. It’s common for people to want to thrive in their careers, especially because most adults spend a third of their time at work. With that being said, our jobs heavily impact our lives and it’s only right for employers to create opportunities that cultivate growth in the workplace. So, how do you cultivate growth in the workplace? In this article, we will discuss the strategies and techniques you can incorporate in your department.


Financial growth may seem like one of the most obvious things to consider when trying to cultivate growth in the workplace. In an article published by, 9 Clouds, they mentioned that motivation can be increased by more money, “Naturally, employees will be motivated by the possibility of increased income, especially when it’s tied to their performance.” However, rewarding good performance with more money isn’t the best or the only way to cultivate growth in the workplace. Make sure to consider some of these other forms of growth.

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Career growth can be easily overlooked in both big and small companies. Most driven employees will seek a promotion or want to move up in the ranks of their organization. The Hearst Newspapers published an article explaining, “If your employees know there is a potential career path within the organization, you are less likely to lose promising staff to another organization.” Promoting from within provides benefits to not only the associate but the company as well. They become a beacon for other staff, in that they will be more aware of opportunities for growth and development. A few good ways to implement this in the workplace is to offer potential employees more significant tasks, inspiring job titles, or upgraded software systems.

Training & Development

It is essential for businesses to provide training and development opportunities to their associates. By doing so, employers are investing time and money into their employees anticipating an increase in employee innovation, performance, productivity, and consistency, while enhancing their businesses’ reputation and profile. Training and development programs can be a valuable investment for the business and employees. Making sure that employees feel satisfied with their roles can be very beneficial to the organization. Training and development opportunities allow employees to acquire the necessary skills to conduct their job duties efficiently. Having access to these opportunities allows employees to develop in a way that gives them an advantage over those in other companies who are left to find such opportunities elsewhere.


Company benefits and perks make your company a more attractive and ideal place to work. Most employees are motivated by these benefits especially if they allow for personal growth. Personal growth may seem like it has nothing to do with cultivating growth within the workplace, but it does have the ability to encourage employees to stay as well as bring new ones in. Some company benefits include things like health, life, disability, retirement, and 401k plans as well as paid-time-off. CareerBuilder released a survey that shows what employee perks make for a more satisfying workplace, “Half-day Fridays, On-site fitness center, Daily catered lunches, Massages, and Being able to wear jeans.” With that said, a fun work environment allows for creative ideas to flourish and motivate your employees. In this video below, one of our Executive Directors discusses how much importance our company places on cultivating growth in the workplace by promoting from within.

Whether you work for a big or small company, there are many ways to cultivate growth in the workplace. At Spring Hills Senior Communities, we offer and look for great candidates who seek professional development and stability in an incredibly rewarding environment. For information about our employment opportunities, click here.

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