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Choosing the Best Care Options for Dementia Patients

February 27, 2017 | Blog

Between private home care, assisted living, and adult day care, the care options for dementia patients are endless and it is crucial to make a decision that is best suited to the needs and preferences of your loved one. With years of experience in memory care, Spring Hills is dedicated to helping you remain informed about the nuances of each care program so that you and your loved one can make a decision you both feel comfortable with.

Senior Care Services with a Memory Care Component

Private Home Health Care

For some seniors, remaining at home for as long as possible is the best option. They may feel most comfortable in their own home and the familiarity may help to ease symptoms of dementia. With home health care, a family member may take the role of the caregiver, or you may choose to hire a full-time respite caregiver. However, it is important to know that as a dementia sufferer progresses, they may reach a point where 24-hour care is crucial. This 24-hour care is not always as attainable with private home care.

Adult Day Care

For dementia patients who aren’t in need of a full-time caregiver or for family members who may simply need a break from ongoing family caregiving, adult day care may be a suitable option. Within adult day care, we take a part-time approach to care. Visitors can engage in a range of therapeutic and stimulating activities that our assistive living residents enjoy, such as coloring, gardening, and music circles.  Throughout these activities, individuals have access to the dedicated attention of our skilled team of caregivers. At the end of the day, they can return home to the environment they feel most comfortable with.

Assisted Living

Whether the senior is no longer able to safely remain in an unsupervised environment or the home is no longer able to adequately meet their needs, memory care assisted living is the next reasonable step. Memory care at Spring Hills focuses on providing an engaging and “like home” environment for our residents, with ample features and amenities. Residents can engage in various recreational activities, have access to restaurant-quality dining, and can benefit from the innovation of our Signature Trends. Additionally, they have the opportunity to socialize with others, helping to ease any symptoms of depression or anxiety.

When it comes to care options for dementia patients, there are numerous options designed to suit each individual’s unique needs. Learn more about which may be best designed for your loved one by contacting our team.

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