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Benefits of Working for a Growing Company

December 7, 2018 | Blog

When a company is growing, it indicates success and suggests a positive reputation. A growing company is the product of increased profits, which could be very beneficial to everyone who works there. This expansion can often lead to reinvestment opportunities for or enhancements to physical structure, operating systems, associate training, and so much more. The benefits of working for a growing company include, but are not limited to: personal development, promotion or even the ability to relocate.

Employees often think about their careers and try to determine how they can move up the corporate ladder. Sharpening your skills and becoming more experienced in specific areas can aid in career growth. This is not only powered by the desire and drive of an employee, but most companies have training programs that can help you along the path of career development. Those looking for an opportunity to receive more training and pursue further education often have career growth at the top of their list of importance and are high achievers.

There are usually better outcomes when companies promote from within. When companies promote from within they save money, improve morale and increase retention rates. A happy employee often equates to higher retention, as most companies hope that associates can picture themselves working there for the long haul. Not only does this allow the employee to grow, but it also provide the possibilities of becoming a future leader. Supplying associates with a sense of purpose will likely bring success to both the individual and the organization.

It is vital for companies to have employees who develop connections outside their department. By networking, it allows employees to become more efficient, creative and better at problem solving. What’s great about working at a growing private company is that you are able to have different positions as well as create new ones. You set standards for the company to be able to grow by implementing your ideas and inspiring others to be great. Not to mention, these positions allow you to find your niche to be more passionate about your job. This type of opportunity can encourage and help employees feel empowered as well as increase their ability to solve complex problems, promoting innovative thinking.

At Spring Hills Senior Communities, we know that it is important to make sure our employees grow with the company. As the company expands, the need for leaders and innovative employees will increase. For this reason, we offer training programs that will allow you to build up the professional skills needed to be promoted. Our Vice President of Branding & Media, Christina O’Leary, explains,  “At Spring Hills, we have a culture that is focused on our associates, residents and high expectations.  As a result, we developed programs and services that have a high level of satisfaction among our customers which allows our company to grow and flourish. Many of our associates have necessary skills, dedication and positive attitude that can propel them to higher levels in their career with us. The training programs we offer not only help our associates become better at their job, but also ensures that we are providing the best care and services to meet the needs of residents, clients and fellow associates. We encourage all of our associates to think about the path they want to take in their career, continue their education and apply to our training programs or new positions in order to grow with us!” For more information about our company culture, click here.

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