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Benefits of Diversity in the Workplace

June 14, 2019 | Blog

Variety is the spice of life, right? Yet some people don’t think so. Some people are more drawn to people they can relate to because it is perceived to be validation and makes someone feel more confident in their attitudes and beliefs. When we learn that someone has something in common with us, we have a positive perception about that person. We also assume that because someone is like us, they will be more enjoyable to be around. This gives a sense of belief that there will be a greater opportunity for growth. The reality is when it comes to work, it’s not about being the same. It’s about making a difference.

Diversity can go far beyond what a person looks like. A diverse work environment includes different age groups, cultures, personality types, skill sets, perspectives, schedules and locations. The more open you are to accepting differences, the happier you and your associates will be. Happy associates make for a successful company and here are the reasons why.

  1. Age – The older you are, the more real life experience you have. Some things can’t be learned in a text book or online. Some things you just simply have to live through in order to understand and predict the outcome. On the flip side, when you don’t have as many life experiences, you could be more open to trying new things because you can’t predict the outcome. Having a company with a mix of age groups is extremely beneficial for innovation and scalability.
  2. Culture – When you have a diverse culture of people working together, you can actually satisfy more customer needs because people of the same culture can relate to each other. When different cultures work together, they bring a piece of their heritage and upbringing which can add to an increase in creativity, perspective and unique ways of problem solving.
  3. Personality – If you had all of the same personality type, you wouldn’t get anything done. You need a mix of visionaries, task-oriented associates, creative people and problem solvers. Together, everyone can come together to reach a common goal in a more efficient way.
  4. Skill Sets – People specialize in professions for a reason. The more skilled and knowledgeable you are about a particular skill, the easier the task becomes, largely because you enjoy your chosen skill set and it just becomes a labor of love.
  5. Schedule – Having a flexible schedule leads to happier associates. It also lends itself well to companies that have multiple shifts and locations in different time zones.
  6. Location – When your associates can work from different locations or remotely in general, the ability to produce without limitations increases along with associate satisfaction. This can ultimately lead to higher profit margins.

It is imperative that a company’s employment brand reflects diversity to help increase its reputation. A company with a great reputation will naturally attract top talent and acquiring the top talent in any industry breeds success.

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