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Attentive Care and Management of Dementia Sleep Disorders

May 5, 2017 | Blog

One of the most common concerns we see among our memory care seniors is a disruption in normal sleeping patterns. In fact, sleep issues play a large role in why families opt for the dedication of senior care facilities, like Spring Hills. With specialized care services, our caregivers are equipped to handle these types of difficulties, helping to keep your loved one safe and healthy. In addition to qualified care and attention, our caregivers are backed by innovative technology, designed to spot dementia sleep disorders as soon as they become a concern.

Addressing Common Dementia Sleep Disorders

Within our years of memory care experience, our caregivers have seen dementia sleep disorders take many different forms. For some patients, late night disorientation results in ongoing insomnia, which can contribute to daytime irritability, depression, and anxiety. At the other end of the spectrum, some dementia patients experience excessive sleep, often a result of depression or as a side effect of a medication they may be taking. With excessive sleep, inflammation and diabetes become a concern.

Innovative Technology to Identify Senior Sleep Conditions

Dedicated to the overall well-being of our resident and home care seniors, our caregivers have implemented a unique piece of memory care technology called HealthSense. This monitoring system tracks the daily lifestyle habits of our seniors so that we can be alerted to any changes in behavior. Particularly in those with dementia, this system can provide patients with a “voice” that they might not otherwise have. It communicates to us exactly what is going on with each resident, including during overnight hours, so that we may step in and address concerns before they become large-scale problems.

Relieving Dementia Sleep Conditions with Qualified Memory Care Services

It is undoubtedly upsetting to know that your loved one may be having difficulty getting adequate sleep. If you are acting as a caregiver and suspect they may be experiencing a dementia sleep disorder, we invite you to contact our team of caregivers for further information and assistance. With the dedicated attention of Spring Hills assisted living and home care, you can rest assured your loved one will receive the care they deserve.

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