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Assisted Living for the Management of Osteoporosis in the Elderly

May 26, 2017 | Blog

Due to the aging process and years of strain on our bones and joints, the risk of developing osteoporosis becomes greater. In this disease, bones weaken and become more brittle, turning a simple stumble into a risk for major injury. To support the care and management of osteoporosis in the elderly, as well as those at risk of developing it, Spring Hills offers a unique osteoporosis wellness program, comprised of management tactics, community education, and preventative measures. Our assisted living caregivers and home care providers are highly trained at what they do and can offer your loved one the utmost in osteoporosis care and management.

Ongoing Osteoporosis Support for Senior Citizens

For our seniors who suffer from osteoporosis, we do everything we can to help them monitor and manage the disease. Through a number of ongoing care measures, we are able to help seniors continue leading an active and fulfilling life, unlimited by the restraints of osteoporosis. These efforts, available to all senior living recipients, are designed to support each and every senior:

Home Assessments and Recommendations – Through ongoing home assessments, we check in with our residents regularly to monitor their environment for utmost safety. During these checks, we can make recommendations on how to help seniors better manage their condition so they can prevent injury, such as through fall prevention measures.

Ongoing Exercise Programs – One of the best ways to manage the effects of osteoporosis is through regular exercise, particularly strength training workouts. We develop personalized exercise and balance programs for our residents, mindful of their capabilities and limitations.

Assistance with Daily Activities – If a resident is having difficulty performing any of his or her daily activities, we are always more than happy to help wherever we can, while still empowering residents to maintain their independence. This includes tasks like dressing, personal grooming, and meal planning for bone health.

At-Home and Facility Fall Prevention – We proudly employ a number of fall prevention techniques in all of our common areas to help keep our residents and guests as safe as possible. This includes things like properly maintaining railings on all stairs, ensuring that rugs are flat and secured to the floor, and keeping all walkways clear of electrical cords or other items that could cause people to trip. In addition to our communities, we can ensure home environments are senior-friendly through at-home assessments.

Assisted Living Care You Can Trust

At Spring Hills, our residents’ health and safety are our top priorities. That’s why we do everything we can to ensure that our facility is conducive to easy movement and ultimate safety for everyone. Our caregivers are compassionate and experienced, so they can assist your loved one both emotionally and physically and we are happy to serve as a resource for both residents and their family members.

We are proud of our osteoporosis management program for our elderly seniors. We welcome you to contact your nearest senior care community to learn more about our fall prevention techniques and osteoporosis wellness program.

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