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Assisted Living Care for Managing Diabetes in the Elderly

November 18, 2016 | Blog

Managing diabetes in the elderly has become a major challenge for the health care industry. Though this disease can be an obstacle for anyone, it can be especially detrimental for a senior citizen. From engaging in daily physical activity to indulging in delicious and healthy meals to the proper administration of medication, there are many components to diabetes management that simply aren’t easy to manage alone.

Our Spring Hills facilities take a unique approach to health and wellness, offering a team of caregivers who have experience in diabetes management.  From using the latest innovations in medication distribution to implementing educational programs for both residents and their loved ones, we’re committed to becoming a home health agency unlike any other. That means one less thing for you and your loved one to worry about.

Specific Challenges for Senior Diabetes Patients

Through a combination of lifestyle changes, medication, and education, it IS possible to control this disease and improve the quality of life for your loved one. Our assisted living facilities and our private home caregivers strive to combat the unique challenges that seniors face with diabetes:

  • Assisted Living Diabetes Care and ManagementMedication Administration: For many of our seniors, especially our memory care residents, medication management is a challenge. Our caregivers utilize the latest in medical technologies and innovations to ensure that medications are taken properly and as needed.
  • Exercise and Physical Limitations: As we age, we naturally may experience a lack of mobility. For a senior with diabetes, this can drastically limit their ability to engage in much-needed physical exercise. Caregivers work with diabetes patients to craft an exercise routine that keeps their limitations in mind. Plus, guided programs help them to stay motivated, offering the opportunity to exercise with other residents and friends.
  • Healthy Eating: For many seniors, access to adequate nutritional information and dietary planning can be a challenge. At Spring Hills, we offer delicious, chef-inspired cuisine, as well as meal planning assistance designed with the needs of a diabetic in mind.

Solutions for Managing Diabetes in the Elderly

At Spring Hills, diabetes care and management is an intrinsic part of both our assisted living and home health care services. Seniors and their loved ones can learn essential diabetes management practices, including everything from proper dietary habits to wearing proper footwear.

Through personalized attention and tailored programs, we can help seniors live happier, healthier lives while providing family members with a peace of mind. Recognize this year’s National Diabetes Awareness Month by taking appropriate care steps for your loved one!

Find out more about caring for an elderly loved one with diabetes. Contact us here or call us at 503-849-0566 to request more information about our assisted living and home care services.

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