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A Guide to Giving Back During the Holidays

October 6, 2021 | Blog

The holiday season is an enjoyable time for some but not for all. Some families don’t have the means to enjoy the holidays like others. It is important to give back to the people that are less fortunate than you so that they can celebrate the holiday season as well. Giving back can create a positive effect on others and yourself. You have personal satisfaction, you feel better about yourself morally, you develop a better self-esteem, and much more. More reasons to volunteer include, you can lead by example, showing others that you are volunteering can encourage others to do the same. You can also make a person or family happy with a warm meal, whether you are serving a meal or making one and donating it to a family, you are putting a smile on their face. When you volunteer, you are getting back what you give. Though volunteering is free in compensation, you receive many benefits such as a boost in mood, happiness and satisfaction.  

Ways to volunteer this holiday season: 

  • Donate! Clothes, Food, Toys – Donating is a really easy way to give back during the holiday season. You can find out where your local donation drop off is and donate clothes, toys, and non-perishable foods. There also might be certain items they are in need of so it’s good to contact the shelter or organization for what to bring. 
  • Organize a food drive – If you have the time, organize a food drive at your local food bank. This is a great way to get your community involved and for you to give back as well. Food collected in a food drive are non perishables so canned food, dry food like pastas, rice, and snacks. You can also collect diapers, toiletries and other everyday supplies. If you don’t have the time you can also donate to the food drives or volunteer a few hours at a local drive. 
  • Sponsor a family – Sponsoring a family is super easy and a great way to give back if you have the means to. When you sponsor a family you can look to your local non-profit, or social service agency will partner you with a family and have a list of gifts that a family can’t afford themselves. You then buy the gifts on the list, it can be anything from clothes and everyday supplies, to toys for the kids. You can also give the family holiday cards or meals if you can. 
  • Serve a holiday meal – Many churches and shelters and community service organizations hold free holiday dinners for people in need. Volunteers can donate already prepared home cooked meals, or store bought food as well as ingredients. You can also participate as a volunteer with meals on wheels, a meal delivery service for people in need. Learn more about Meals on Wheels here

The holiday season is not the only time you can volunteer. Many organizations and nonprofits have these opportunities all year round. 

Small acts of kindness 

If you do not have the means to volunteer or donate there is also the act of kindness that can brighten up people’s holidays. Some small acts of kindness can be to other family, friends, local businesses, first responders and more. Small acts of kindness include: 

  • Bake cookies for your local fire department, police station, or hospital
  • Shovel snow for an elderly neighbor
  • Send fun holiday cards to a children hospital, assisted living home or military member
  • Compliment a stranger
  • Buy a meal for a homeless person
  • Leave a gift or letter to your mailman

No matter where you are in life, the benefits of volunteering and giving back can help turn a simple good deed into a healthy activity that can be enjoyed year-round. So, this holiday season, remember to give back to those in need. It is not only good for those in need, but it is good for you, too. At Spring Hills we participate in food drives, book drives, school supply drives and much more. If you want to hear about what Spring Hills is up to contact us, or check out our social media pages to see how our communities are celebrating the holiday season. You can find us on Facebook @SpringHillsLLC, on Twitter @springhills, on Instagram @springhillsseniorcommunities and LinkedIn @springhills

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