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A Closer Look at What Assisted Living Provides

September 15, 2017 | Blog

There are many misconceptions about what an assisted living facility actually is, some of which play off fears that many seniors may have about aging. Spring Hills’ assisted living facilities and home care services offer a number of recovery and wellness programs, as well as a variety of therapies and fun activities, because we understand that living is more than just existing. Here is what many people want to know about assisted living facilities.

What is an Assisted Living Facility and What Services Are Provided?

An assisted living facility is a long-term residence for people who may simply need a little daily personal care and support. They may need assistance with medication or intermittent skilled nursing care, although there are plenty of seniors residing in assisted living that do not require this kind of service. On a daily basis, seniors residing in an assisted living facility have access to:

When Is Assisted Living Appropriate?

There are some qualifications for assisted living, as well as assisted living age requirements, but these may vary from state to state and facility to facility. The best thing to do is contact your local facility. At Spring Hills, we are always happy to discuss these requirements.

Whether it is time for your loved one to move into an assisted living facility or not can be a hard decision, with a number of considerations. If they exhibit some of the following, it may be a sign that they may fare better in an assisted living facility:

Assisted Living ServicesSpring Hills assisted living facilities are vibrant communities on immaculately landscaped grounds. We have an exceptional team of highly skilled and capable caregivers who are able to attend to our residents’ needs and administer recovery and wellness programs. At Spring Hills, your loved one can take advantage of memory care, dedicated wellness programs such as stroke recovery, music and pet therapy, and customized exercise plans for each of our seniors. Our seniors also enjoy fantastic, ongoing educational programs and classes, as well as year-round community events.

Contact us to find out how our holistic approach to senior care can benefit your loved one. We can’t wait to show you all that our assisted living communities have to offer.  

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