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Horticulture Therapy

Horticulture Therapy for Seniors: Planting the Seeds for Healthier Aging

For those who love gardening, there is perhaps nothing more relaxing than the feeling of fresh soil between your fingers. A passion for many seniors, the benefits of gardening don’t stop at bountiful produce and beautiful blooms. Gardening has proven therapeutic for reducing physical pain and stress levels and boosting your overall quality of life. The practice of connecting with the earth — planting flowers and vegetables, getting your hands dirty, and watching your efforts turn into beautiful results — provides a sense of empowerment that too often vanishes with age.

A year-round favorite at all of our assisted living locations, we’ve transformed this past time into a recreational activity for our residents.

The Benefits of Gardening Grow with Age

When you decide to reside in an assisted living facility, to leave your lifelong home, you may find yourself longing for the touch of the earth you once experienced in your own garden. Your peace of mind can be sown with the therapeutic design of our healing gardens, where you can enjoy nourishing plants that nourish the soul all year long. Summer’s fresh air and sun bring happiness and health, helping to alleviate feelings of loneliness and depression. Gardening doesn’t stop with the Fall harvest though. Our program allows residents to create indoor herb and flower gardens so they can enjoy elevated moods even as the temperatures drop outside.

Benefits of gardening include:

Physical Activity

Planting, daily pruning and watering, or even just a walk through the garden can help you stay physically well — promoting muscle movement, coordination, heart and lung health and flexibility.

An Improved Attention Span

Being engulfed by the colors, textures, smells and sounds in a garden stimulate involuntary attention and allows your mind to wander and clear itself without causing fatigue or stress.

Reduced Stress

Nature provides a sense of calm and reassurance through growing things and pleasant surroundings, benefiting seniors suffering from stressors such as health concerns, mobility problems, loneliness and grief.


The tending to living things provides independence and a sense of control, knowing that your actions can make things grow. Watch as your flowers bloom or your tomatoes ripen and enjoy a feeling of accomplishment in what you’ve created.


Gardens provide both a literal and figurative common ground, with bountiful opportunities for connection.

Cultivating Relationships Alongside Our Gardens

During our Gardening Days, cross-generational relationships bloom as our senior residents partner with local youth to teach the benefits of gardening. With the added perk of passing knowledge to the next generation, residents also have the opportunity to chat with each other while tending to their plants.

Nutritious, Delicious Farm-to-Table Dining Program

The culinary team at our Assisted Living facilities works hand-in-hand with our residents to incorporate the herbs, vegetables, and fruits they’ve grown into gourmet meals. With the fresh and local produce that our residents grow, our chefs can spice up the menu with scrumptious and nutritious meals, making for happier residents all around. Our residents reap the benefits of their labor — not only in the meals they enjoy, but also in the confidence and sense of purpose that their contribution provides.

Discover a Culture of Growth and Connection

At Spring Hills, residents enjoy elegant surroundings full of natural beauty. From tall windows that add sunlight to every room to enchanting walking paths and gardens, everyone has the chance to interact with nature and experience its benefits however they choose.

Our communities place a strong emphasis on engagement, and to meet the interests and preferences of all residents, provide a variety of recreational programs outside of horticulture therapy. For those who want to stay active in their own special interests and hobbies, a wide range of recreational possibilities await. All the resources you need to live your best life possible.

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