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Art Therapy

Art Therapy Improves Mental Health

Depression is very common in older adults. One way to help ease their feelings of anxiety and depression is by incorporating an art therapy program to help intrigue the mind, engage the body and inspire the spirit. Here are a few ways that art therapy can help improve the mental health of seniors who may be experiencing depression.

It Creates a Gateway for Self-Discovery

Artistic expression leads to the acknowledgement of feelings and ideas that seniors may have not even known they had. According to Resources to Recover, “Creating art can help you acknowledge and recognize feelings that have been lurking in your subconscious.” Art therapy can have a huge benefit on the mental health of seniors because it helps provide them with a method to express these subconscious feelings in a productive way.

It Offers a
Sense of Accomplishment

One of the best ways to help individuals struggling with feelings of depression is by providing them with a sense of accomplishment. One of the easiest and most effective ways to do that is to provide art therapy for seniors. BeBrainFit notes that art therapy “relieves burdensome stress… and provides a sense of accomplishment.” A sense of accomplishment can go a long way in relieving feelings of depression and anxiety and art therapy can help provide that while distracting seniors from negative feelings during this difficult time of the year.

It Enriches the Soul

Art therapy and artistic expression, in general, is good for the soul. Many people can benefit from this healing property of art therapy, especially during the holiday season and over the cold winter months. Creating an art piece from scratch has a variety of therapeutic elements especially for older adults. GoodTherapy even goes so far as to refer to art therapy as a “self-portrait for the soul.”

It Provides a Variety of Good Mental Health Practices

Art therapy can help provide some healthy habits for the mental wellness. VeryWellMind notes that, “Art, either the process of creating it or viewing others artworks, is used to help people explore their emotions, develop self-awareness, cope with stress, boost self-esteem, and work on social skills.”

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