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Commitment to honesty, integrity and ethical behavior is a critical component of the Spring Hills culture and one that we consider essential to attainment of our goal to be the best at what we do for our residents, their families, our clinical partners and those who pay for the services we provide. This is a commitment Spring Hills requires of its Associates, vendors, contractors, consultants, agents and anyone else who does business with us.

For the post-acute, skilled nursing and long term care facilities that Spring Hills operates, the commitment to honesty, integrity and ethical behavior requires adherence to many detailed laws, rules, regulations and guidelines that impact all aspects of our operations.  To help us fulfill that commitment, Spring Hills has established a compliance program for these facilities to ensure that we operate in accordance with all those authorities specifically including but not limited to those intended to prevent fraud, waste and abuse in publicly funded healthcare programs.

The essential principles of the Spring Hills compliance program are set forth in a Code of Conduct and our False Claims prevention policies which are linked below.

One of the principal keys to the success of this compliance program is communication. Spring Hills welcomes your compliments and your concerns and encourages you to communicate them to any of our representatives. To further facilitate communication, Spring Hills has established a Concern Line operated by an independent third party which you can access by email or toll free telephone calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week at 844-530-0002 or online at  Calls or emails to the Concern Line can be made anonymously if you prefer. You can be assured that however you choose to contact us we want to hear from you. Under no circumstances will the Company tolerate retribution of any kind for any complaint, concern or grievance made in good faith.

Spring Hills considers adherence to the principles set forth in these documents as a fundamental condition of doing business with the Company’s post-acute, skilled nursing and long term care facilities.  Notwithstanding any language in any other documents to the contrary, failure to comply with applicable law or the guidance set forth in these documents may lead to contractual remedies including termination for cause.



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