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Middletown, OH (November 7, 2022) – Spring Hills announces its first Spring Hills Sales Star in Ohio, Laura Angulo, Community Relations Counselor.  The Spring Hills Sales Star Program launched last month in Sarasota, FL and was developed to add some friendly competition and company wide recognition among the sales associates responsible for increasing census in the Spring Hills portfolio.

Laura has been working in healthcare for 20 years.  She has spent the majority of her career at Spring Hills Middletown.  During this time, she has been an integral part of growth and success, especially post pandemic.  COVID-19 was devastating to the senior population and those with chronic diseases.  Lives were lost and people were scared to work in and live in communal environments.  This led to record low census numbers across the entire industry.  Despite this challenging environment, over the past year, Spring Hills Middletown has been thriving.  With Laura’s help, Spring Hills Middletown has had a 95% occupied community and has been 100% occupied for the last several months, even after opening a new wing!

Laura started her career in the Air Force. She served Air Force hospitals specializing in health care management.  She then worked in real estate for a custom design home builder selling single family, estate homes, winning customer service awards.  Because Spring Hills Middletown is a home-like environment, senior living was a natural fit for Laura.  The genuine connections she established helped her to be successful in real estate.  This transferable skill made her thrive in senior living as well.  Laura loves to connect with her residents and their families.  She says, “It’s special to know how those connections continue for years to come.”

Laura is passionate about living a life filled with love, kindness, and purpose.  She believes to fully live life is to invest yourself with intention and to truly connect with people and make a difference in the world.  

“When you are passionate and invested in following your heart, that’s living life to its fullest.” 

Working in senior living fills Laura’s heart with the most valuable assets – time and memories. 

“At the end of life, we cherish or regret how we invested our time.”

Animals, children, and senior citizens bring Laura joy because she believes they have the purest hearts.  She loves learning from them by openly connecting and loving unconditionally.  Laura is inspired by her residents.  She says they are truly the greatest generation saying, “How can you not be inspired by such a beautiful and humble generation that’s motivated by love.”

Working at Spring Hills has been a place to grow personally and professionally for Laura. She said “I receive as much as I give. It has added so many meaningful blessings and opportunities to my life.” Laura wants to continue to find purpose and to grow intellectually and emotionally.  Laura will continue to follow her heart and passion to make a difference every day. When Laura is not working at the community, you can find her cooking, reading, laughing, and spending time with family.

About Spring Hills:

Spring Hills operates post-acute care, assisted living and memory care communities, and home care services that provide comprehensive support, including population health management, for seniors and those with chronic health needs. Spring Hills ensures the highest standards for proactive health care and quality of living at every stage and is committed to helping people live happy, healthy lives.

Led by Alexander Markowits, President/CEO, Spring Hills is committed to providing seamless care experiences that meet the unique needs and preferences of residents, patients, and their families. Spring Hills has 35 facilities across seven states: Post-Acute Care in NJ; Assisted

Living and Home Care in NJ, NY, VA, OH, FL and NV; and Memory Care in TX, VA, NV and FL. For more information, visit           


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