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Chris Riccio | A Rising Star in Sarasota, FL

Sarasota, FL (October 11, 2022) – Spring Hills announces its first Spring Hills Sales Star, Christopher Riccio, Community Relations Counselor, in Sarasota, FL. The Spring Hills Sales Star Program was developed to add some friendly competition and company wide recognition among the sales associates responsible for increasing census in the Spring Hills portfolio.

Christopher Riccio, Community Relations Counselor, Poet’s Walk Sarasota

It was not easy recovering after the COVID-19 global pandemic. The healthcare industry, including assisted living and memory care communities took a major hit in census numbers due to the nature of the disease being the most devastating to the senior population and those with chronic diseases. It was a scary time to be working, living or having loved ones who needed care in a medical or communal environment. Many facilities suffered from the loss of residents due to COVID-19 while others needing care never made the decision to move into communities like Poet’s Walk. They feared social isolation from their families, which is the exact opposite of the many benefits communal living in an assisted living environment has to offer, above the care that was needed. This led to record low census numbers across the entire industry.

Chris was selected as the first of Spring Hills’ sales associates to receive the award due to his ability to connect with families in need, earn their trust and transition seniors into his community, reaching an all-time high record occupancy level of 95%. How did Chris do it? Why is he so passionate about helping seniors?

Chris says “For me, it’s being a small part of a huge success story. Every single resident that is in our community, started off with a conversation between me and their family who is looking to find the best home where their loved one can live with the dignity and grace that they deserve.” He continues to say, “So many of the families are stricken with guilt, have had their life put on “pause” and generally aren’t aware of communities that offer such elaborate personalized care (from both a medical and socialization standpoint). From helping them begin this process, through the time when their loved one becomes a special part of our Poet’s Walk family and well beyond, my most cherished moments are when that family member truly has removed their “caretaker hat”.”

Chris has been a sales and marketing professional in the healthcare industry for the past five years. During his sales career, his biggest professional accomplishments have been:

Chris will tell you, “Generally speaking, my position is usually regarded as the “sales guy”. It was an incredible feeling knowing that I had made that type of impact on the family.”

Chris is most proud of being part of the growth at Poet’s Walk Sarasota. Over the last 9 months, he has seen Poet’s Walk transform from a typical memory care community to a real home. The families are highly involved, and their voices are heard. Poet’s Walk Sarasota has become the solution so many families needed.

When it comes to being inspired, Chris would tell you that his Executive Director, Courtney Lonseth, has been one of his biggest inspirations. Chris says “I have never in my life worked for an individual who leads by example the way she does. I’ve also never worked for anyone whose expectation level is so high. She pushes each associate to go the distance and will never accept anything less than a 100% effort.” Leadership like this keeps great associates like Chris, pushing to exceed expectations.

Chris aspires to be, as he puts it, ” At the very least, half the father to my son and daughter that my father was to me. If I can be half as good as him, I will be grateful.” Professionally speaking, Chris wants to grow within Spring Hills. According to Chris, “The rewarding feeling of being a small part in turning this community into a success has made me so hungry to do the same for other communities. I’ve learned so much that I want to share because I truly believe that any city that has one of our Spring Hill’s properties, is better because of it.” What is so special about Spring Hills? The people. In Chris’s opinion, the associates at Spring Hills are the best possible resource.

On Chris’s days off, you can find him golfing, watching sports, doing anything his kids want and face timing his own mother. They talk every day. Chris is a self-proclaimed “Mama’s Boy” and is proud of it!

About Spring Hills:

Spring Hills operates post-acute care, assisted living, and memory care communities, and home care services that provide comprehensive support, including population health management, for seniors and those with chronic health needs. Spring Hills ensures the highest standards for proactive health care and quality of living at every stage and is committed to helping people live happy, healthy lives.

Led by Alexander Markowits, Founder and President/CEO, Spring Hills is committed to providing seamless care experiences that meet the unique needs and preferences of residents, patients, and their families. Spring Hills has 35 facilities across seven states: Post-Acute Care in NJ; Assisted Living and Home Care in NJ, NY, VA, OH, FL and NV; and Memory Care in TX, VA, NV and FL. For more information, visit           


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