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Jose Perez, Senior Director of Environmental Services


Edison, NJ (September 21, 2022) – Taking care of seniors has been the top priority for Spring Hills for over 20 years.  Some associates, the best as a matter of fact, truly embrace the company’s motto “Caring with a Commitment to Quality”.  You may ask, what does it really mean to be committed to quality?  For Jose Perez, it’s been over 47 years in the making.


Jose was born in Puerto Rico in the 60s with a curiosity about how things worked.  He says, “I like to take things apart and put them back together.” Jose started as a racer in the town of Vega Baja which is in the north cost of the island.  In 1989, he moved to Orlando, FL.  Committed to making a life for himself in his new home, Jose began working the day after he moved as a panel assembler in a wood shop department for 12 years.  He became acting Plant Manager until the company sold.  After turning down an offer to re-locate, Jose worked as a maintenance director for a company in Tavares, FL for a period, but Jose had bigger dreams.  He started his own construction and remodeling company as a president of Jomar Impressions, LLC until the housing market collapsed and he was forced to close the business.

Hard Work

For the next 9 years, Jose worked for Florida Safety Council as the Maintenance Manager.  In 2017 Jose resigned from his full-time position, but kept a part-time position to oversee to the operations while also working at Spring Hills Hunter’s Creek, Assisted Living and Memory Care Community in Orlando, FL.  Jose’s dedication to his work lead to another opportunity to resume a full time position as the Maintenance Director, but turned that offer down to stay with Spring Hills.


From April of 2017 to present day, Jose says “I’m the proud keeper of my old lady, Spring Hills Hunter’s Creek.  It has been my home away of home for the last 5 years.”  Jose is thankful for his father Jivaro and mother of Spanish and French descent, who he says helped to develop him and his skills.  Jose’s work ethic, dedication to quality, robust background and skillset has led to:


Jose is true advocate for not only for the residents, but for his fellow associates.  Another top priority for him is the comfort and wellness of his fellow associates.  Out of the goodness of his heart, he remodeled the associate lounge and break room.  Jose has always been a team player helping other department and sister Spring Hills communities. 

Jose said “I want my Residents to feel comfortable, secure and loved.  They are part of me.  I feel lucky to have both of my parents alive and living in the house I grew up in. My dad is now 87 and my Ma is 82.  I take my job very seriously, ensuring the Residents feel that their home here and experience at Spring Hills is as good or better than when the left their original home.”

Jose says, he wouldn’t be in the place he is today without the help of his lord Jesus, his loyal staff Wanda Cosme (17 years), Rafael Francisco (23 years), Tanya and Carla Cleveland, DDS, who always works with him to make Spring Hills Hunters Creek a wonderful place work and be. Together, they have volunteered their time to help with projects, improving conditions at Spring Hills Hunters Creek and other near-by sister communities.  He is grateful for their unwavering support as well as the support of his beautiful wife Carolina, six wonderful children with various professions around the world and five amazing grandchildren.

Associates like Jose deserve special recognition of their hard work and dedication.  Pierre Verge, VP of Spring Hills Assisted Living Operations, is proud to support Jose’s promotion to Senior Director of Environmental Services and Maintenance saying “Spring Hills likes to recognize and grow associates.  It’s been in our DNA for the last 20 years.”  Mark Tussing, Corporate Director of Environmental Services says “His performance and results as a Maintenance Director speaks for itself.”  Alexander C. Markowits, Founder and President/CEO is known for his appreciation of loyal associates saying “It is a privilege for us to see such dedication and commitment to his team, his community and his craft.  Loyal associates, devoted to their jobs like Jose allows us all to do what we do best, which is focus on the future of healthcare.”

Jose will be responsible for supporting all Spring Hills communities in reaching their goal of being 100% compliant in their Environmental Departments.  This added resource will help maintain the integrity and beauty of Spring Hills Senior Communities for years to come.

About Spring Hills:

Spring Hills operates post-acute care, assisted living, and memory care communities, and home care services that provide comprehensive support, including population health management, for seniors and those with chronic health needs. Spring Hills ensures the highest standards for proactive health care and quality of living at every stage and is committed to helping people live happy, healthy lives.

Led by Alexander Markowits, Founder and President/CEO, Spring Hills is committed to providing seamless care experiences that meet the unique needs and preferences of residents, patients, and their families. Spring Hills has 35 facilities across seven states: Post-Acute Care in NJ; Assisted Living and Home Care in NJ, NY, VA, OH, FL and NV; and Memory Care in TX, VA, NV and FL. For more information, visit

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