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Diana Marks, Director of Operational Efficiency & Performance

Edison, NJ (September 19, 2022) – Providing internal opportunities for career growth has been the corner stone of Spring Hills’ success for the past 20 years.  Spring Hills Senior Communities recently promoted Diana Marks from Regional Executive Director to Director of Operational Efficiency & Performance. The decision to create this position was essential as senior living operators evaluated their business model pre and post covid. Successfully recovering from COVID-19 and exceeding pre-covid financial performance; Pierre Verger, Vice President of Assisted Living Operations, identified a need for the assisted living operations to accelerate operational transformation through creating a new strategic position.

To maintain financial performance with rising cost through inflation, increasing wages over 20%  and the increasing costs associated with turnover, there had to be an increased focus on optimization and efficiency. Through evaluation of the assisted living operations, Pierre identified the need for increased strategic planning. Digital transformation, care model and programming enhancements, integration of assisted living in the Spring Hills continuum of care (population health, MSO and home care) and multi-site operation support to communities will be a few focus areas for the Director of Operational Efficiency & Performance.   

Diana joined Spring Hills in 2017 and has demonstrated many operational successes during her tenure with Spring Hills. She has 20 years of experience in senior living and an educational background in Public Health with a concentration of Geriatrics. Diana has a successful track record in turn around communities and startup operations. She is a dynamic leader that is goal oriented and laser focused on accelerating results and operational efficiency. With a passion to lead, educate, empower and serve others she will make a global impact across all areas of the assisted living operations.

Diana’s first focus in her new role will be to roll out the Spring Hills Back Office. The primary focus of the back office is to provide multisite operational support to communities. The back office will offer new support positions like the creation of an Ambassador of Experience & Happiness. The primary goal of this position will be to put an increased attention on the associate experience. The back office will offer virtual orientation, program implementation support and increased educational opportunities.  Everything that Spring Hills does is to bring a positive outcome for our residents and associates.

About Spring Hills:

Spring Hills operates post-acute care, assisted living, and memory care communities, and home care services that provide comprehensive support, including population health management, for seniors and those with chronic health needs. Spring Hills ensures the highest standards for proactive health care and quality of living at every stage and is committed to helping people live happy, healthy lives.

Led by Alexander Markowits, Founder and President/CEO, Spring Hills is committed to providing seamless care experiences that meet the unique needs and preferences of residents, patients, and their families. Spring Hills has 35 facilities across seven states: Post-Acute Care in NJ; Assisted

Living and Home Care in NJ, NY, VA, OH, FL and NV; and Memory Care in TX, VA, NV and FL. For more information, visit  

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