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Be Happy. Love Your Home

Choosing a new home for you or your loved one, is not an easy decision. At Poet’s Walk, Leesburg, they fully understand – You want to Be Happy! With a new team in place, led by Executive Director, Erika Young, LNHA,CDP, Poet’s Walk Leesburg will be the perfect place to call home! Erika, a licensed nursing home administrator, preceptor and certified dementia practitioner, chose to work with the adult population at a very young age. When both of her grandparents died in a nursing home, she vowed to them and herself that she would work to make an impact in the lives of the older adult population. As her career in senior living unfolded, memory care became her passion. Erika is a results-driven healthcare leader with over 24 years of long term care experience; working in all venues of senior living. For Erika, her motivation in memory care is advocating for those with Alzheimer’s and/or dementia because it is simply rewarding on so many levels. Erika, who lives in Loudoun County says, “My family & I strongly believe in giving back to the community where we are privileged to live. These opportunities allow us to appreciate everything we have”.

For this reason, Poet’s Walk Leesburg proudly participates in intergenerational activities. By inviting children in for various activities, the two generations can interact, have fun, and really bond. The residents love when the children come in and the children are just enamored with the love they receive from the residents. Erika says “The smiles on everyone’s faces are heart-warming and priceless!” Erika and her Director of Nursing, DRC Sandra Kuhn, believe in finding the right team members, who are skilled and compassionate. They believe ongoing training is essential to enhance customer service and provide the highest level of quality care, especially for those with Alzheimer’s and dementia. With over 41 years of experience, Sandra says “I am blessed to have had a diverse nursing career.” Assisted Living and Memory care in particular, are a passion of hers because “Every day for most of the people in her care is a new day.” Sandra is motivated by the residents, families and staff to lead by example every day. As a result, resident engagement has dramatically increased resulting in a decrease in the risk of falls. Individuals with cognitive deficits are also at risk for malnutrition, creating negative effects, both physically and psychologically. For this reason, Malnutrition Prevention has become a major focus at Poet’s Walk. Erika says “Happiness in our community is something very important to me as the leader.” Happiness can be defined in many ways.

For many, happiness is sitting with friends over a great meal. Having an amazing dining experience can help prevent Malnutrition too! When you enjoy your experience, you take your time to savor your meal and your time with your friends. Kevin Berry, the Director of Dining Services started his career in 2011 working as a prep cook at a fine dining Restaurant in Charlestown, WV. In 2015, he began his journey working with assistant living and memory care communities. He loves making people happy through cooking great meals with fresh ingredients. Kevin prefers fresh food because there are no additives or preservatives. Kevin is preparing the community garden for the spring, but in the meantime, their Aeroponic Tower Garden is flourishing! This spring, they will be growing bock choi, tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce green peppers and a variety of herbs. In the coming months, look for implementation of new technologies for resident safety and engagement. Ask the team about the Spring Hills holistic approach to senior living they call Signature Touches. Individualizing the experience makes everyone Live Happy!

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