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Looking to the Year Ahead

As we turn the page and move on from 2020, we are looking forward to the year ahead. With the expansion of our clinical programs, renovation and construction projects, new technology rollouts and a rapidly expanding team, 2021 is going to be a year filled with excitement, innovation and achievement of long-standing visions. 

VP of Sales Development

Growing Census is a Team Effort with Petra Santos

Spring Hills has laid the groundwork rooted in Caring with a Commitment to Quality, not only for our associates, but for the people we care for and their families.  

With all of the changes and fear that came with the COVID-19 pandemic, our Community Relations Counselors were a valuable resource, to help discover the best healthcare solution for people in need of care.  Our goal, with the help of our Resident/Patient Concierge and Resident and Family Ambassador, is to help ease the stress and anxiety when transitioning a loved one into our care across our continuum.

While restrictions are still in place for COVID-19 and the benefit of in-person interaction has dwindled, all teams have been hard at work to create new ways to provide social engagement.  Our recreation teams have developed one on one solutions, more virtual family engagement and fun mobile activities to provide the best possible experience during a pandemic.  The additional virtual and digital resources help to achieve our census goals.

Our community relations teams are finding new ways to showcase the communities and connect with our customers through virtual tours, personalized creative follow ups and video conferences. More than ever, we are helping our customers understand how the communities keep their loved ones safe through vigorous cleaning and safety protocols, engaged through a plethora of activities and increase the quality of life for residents and their families. 

Our nursing team has been working tireless to test associates and residents on a regular basis while still providing the care and services our residents deserve.  The environment teams have added additional check lists and cleaning compliance audit tools to ensure high touch point cleaning has increased in frequency. Dining services has had to adapt to new, safe ways of providing hot meals in every room.  This was not an easy undertaking, but we eventually created a system that was safe and effective.

To help sales communicate the changes, enhancements and Spring Hills brand, the Branding and Media team has developed an intelligent sales enable request system for the communities to request updated, refreshed marketing collateral, submit content for social and request video marketing projects.  We have also revised our Google and social media profiles and created virtual community tours to help assist with conversions.  These enhancements have only scratched the surface of what is to come. 

We are looking forward to finishing our 36 virtual tour projects for every community, rolling out our new website and have been working closely on the new communication, family connection and resident engagement technology through LifeLoop. We are excited to re-brand Spring Hills as a Strong Support System that people can rely on in their health care journey to Live Happy further establishing us as the premier healthcare provider.

With all the excitement it is crucial to remember that although we have many tools and new resources to communicate our story, a sale is made through genuine, human connections.  Be a good listener, discover their needs and personalize the experience.   

VP of HR & Talent Management

Team Development with Unanda Bell

2020 has been a remarkable year that challenged all of us in personal and professional ways.  Through these challenges we have demonstrated courage, determination, and care for each other.    It also highlighted all the qualities that make a great Spring Hills associate.   Qualities that will continue to serve us well in the New Year.  The way we deliver our services has been and will continue to look different, but it will be delivered with the same professionalism, competence, and skill.   Our education program will prepare you for the challenges ahead and revive our basic principles in Signature Touches. 

Education does not just happen online.  There are multiple opportunities for your professional development such as instructor led in-services, first-aid/cpr training, mentorship, CNA certification, Executive Director in Training, and Assistant Director of Nursing program.  Training and development is constant at Spring Hills, even Stand Up provides daily “micro” trainings.  Our investment is in you and in the future.   

And our future is bright.  Spring Hills is well positioned to lead the way in the healthcare arena.   2021 will be a year of excellence and integration of all Spring Hills services.   We will be the provider or choice in our Assisted Living, Home Care, Post Acute, Population Health Services, and our new division Management Services Organization.  We are excited, focused, and ready.  

Our wish this year for you and your family is a quote from Melony Beattie, “The New Year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written.”  Write well my friend.  Best wishes for a bright new year!

Chief Operating Officer

Operational Strategy with Elena Ortiz

Expanding our enterprise involves enormous operational challenges that are complex at every level. The expansion of Spring Hills can only be done if we execute our vision properly. Maintaining stability across operations is imperative and comes from attention to upholding the mission and high standards our company was built on. As we continue to grow, it is increasingly important to analyze our day-to-day operations. From something as small as attending daily Stand Up, everyone can gain a better understanding of our brand identity, our messaging and our expectations for every associate. 

As we look ahead, we are expanding many clinical programs, opening and renovating locations and constantly looking for new ways to improve our strategy and our census. This year we will undergo many changes, but our goal of exceeding expectations and upholding the mission of Spring Hills is always at the forefront. 

After an incredibly difficult year that demanded continuous adjustments and countless new strategies throughout the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we are proud of the innovation, passion and commitment from our team. In the midst of every obstacle 2020 presented, the dedication to the Spring Hills vision never wavered and established strong roots for a year of growth and success ahead. We can’t wait to see everything Spring Hills can achieve in 2021. 

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